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Abstracts (max 1300 characters) should follow the format indicated below (see also abstract EXAMPLE).
  1. Type the title of your presentation in upper and lowercase letters.
  2. Type the first and middle initial and last name of the author(s) in upper and lowercase letters.
  3. If there are two or more authors, an asterisk (*) should follow the name of the Presenting Author.
  4. Type the affiliation, city, state, zip code and country. If authors are from different organizations, a semicolon must separate the authors.
  5. Type abstract in upper- and lower-case letters.
  6. Do not include drawings or photographs in the abstract.
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Multiple abstracts from the same Presenting Author are not accepted in order to open opportunities for the broadest possible participation.


Spin Dynamics and Transport in Gallium Arsenide
A.M. Red* and C. Green, AVX Inc., Somewhere, OH, USA; G.L. Bianchi, White Center, Anytown, MA, USA

During the last few years great interest has been attracted by electron spin transport phenomena for their relevance e.g. for magnetoresistive devices .....

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